Llabustes Riesling


GRADUATION 12.5% ​​Vol.


Manual harvesting at the beginning of September. Fermentation in 300 liter oak barrels for 40 days with a subsequent 20-day baton.


Greenish yellow colour – straw. Aromas of white flowers, white, tropical fruits and citrus fruits. In the mouth it is full body, full, fruity and fruity. In the retro-nasal track, the whole thing is appreciated, leaving a sensation of fruit.


We advise serving it between 8-10 °C.


*Gold Medal for Vila Corona Riesling 2002, granted by the Radio Tourism Selector Committee for the Best Wines of Spain.

*Silver Medal for Llubustes Riesling 2009, awarded by the “Guía Catavinum de los Vinos de España 2011”.

*Bronze Medal for Riesling 2010 Llabustes at the “Finger Lakes International Wine Competition” in New York, USA.

*Silver medal for Raisling Llabustes 2011 at the “International Wine Guide 2012”.

*Silver Medal for Llubustes Riesling 2012 at the “Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition 2013”.

*Silver Medal for Riesling Llabustes 2013 at the “International Wine Guide 2014”.

*Gold Medal for Llubustes Riesling 2015 at the “Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition 2016”.