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Vila Corona in Globus Sonda

With impetus and without saving emotions, the TV host Francesc Mauri invites us to take off the flight from the Vall d’Àneu, with journalist Xantal Llavina, a whole metaphor for the entrepreneurs of the Pallars who work so much for our products despite the risks and difficulties, congratulations to all for the job so well done for so many years!

From the NOUCÀMPING of La Guingueta d’Àneu, they toast with good wines from CELLER VILA CORONA (Llabustes Cabernet Sauvignon, Tu rai … and Llabustes Ull de Llebre) for all those who have ideas and risk making them fly .

From Pallars we would like to invite you to enjoy our people, surroundings, landscape and our products!

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Musical Tasting 2019

One more year we end the summer with the fantastic sessions of Musical Tasting that the musicologist Ramon Costa prepares for us one year after the other.

In 2019, we’ve dived into the music of the Middle Ages starting with the Gregorian Music (June), going through the Medieval Polyphony (July) and ending with the music of the Trobadors (August).

Thank you very much for the great reception they have and we look forward to seeing you the next year.